Cottonwood Canyon Hills is located in Riverside County at the eastern boundary of Lake Elsinore, CA 92532. Tuscany Hills is also part of Lake Elsinore and is north of us. The City of Canyon Lake CA 92587 is also north of us. Menifee 92587 is east of us, and Wildomar 92595 is south of us. Pardee Homes is the master property developer for our community of about 3000 homes. The community began in 2002.

Lake Elsinore  was originally part of San Diego County when it was incorporated in 1888. In fact, it is the second oldest city in Riverside County. Riverside County was carved out of San Bernardino and San Diego Counties in 1893. Lake Elsinore's current population is 58,060 representing 16,641 households (3.49 persons/household). Using that ratio, the population of Canyon Hills would be over 10,500 counting the townhomes and the new communities on Railroad Canyon.

Lake Elsinore is the largest freshwater lake in Southern California with 3000 surface acres and 14 miles of shoreline. The Lake level is about 1235 ft in elevation. We are about 73 miles from Los Angeles, 74 miles from San Diego, 268 miles from Las Vegas,  329 miles from Phoenix. Snow sking is available in the mountains at Big Bear, 81 miles. Ocean beaches are at Dana Point, 44 miles away. Other beach cities are Newport Beach, Balboa, Laguna Beach, and Oceanside. We are 25 miles from the heart of wine country in Temecula. Our average annual temperature is 78.5 degrees. During the summer it is quite comfortable to open the windows and sit outside on the patio and enjoy the evening breeze. Lately we've seen very high temperatures.

Our city motto is Dream Extreme. We have sky diving at the Skylark Airport, at Diamond Stadium we host the Storm, a class A California League baseball team. We have a local dirt bike track, the McVicker Skate Park, and boating and fishing on Lake Elsinore.

The Ortega Mountains, part of the Cleveland National Forest, separate us from Orange County and the coastal communities. To the east we have the mountain range that incluces Mt San Jacinto, which has a ski tram, that separates us from the desert communities of Palm Springs and Palm Desert. We have many local Indian Gambling Casinos at Pachanga, Soboba, and Morongo.

Out here it is so much better than living in a congested city. We have wild things that visit us in the night. Coyotes, Mountain Lions, Rabbits, Squirrels, Possums, Rodents, Rattle Snakes (caught 5 in my yard alone), Owls, Road Runners, Hawks, Egrets, Hummingbirds, Finches, and lots of birds. My wife has too many bird feeders and we have several fountains. Fruit trees seem to be for the critters.

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                Canyon HOA

Cottonwood Canyon Hills HOA
Neighborhood Watch

District Delegates - Would like to see the District Delegates be more involved in the community. I've been a Delegate for many years. We counted the ballots and cast the votes for our district at the annual meeting. Now we are at the annual meeting to make quorum. Not all districts have a representative from their district, so outside alternates are appointed. We need more volunteers.
Future Board Members - Soon, we will have all homeowners to the board. Would like to discuss what a board member does, the meetings, and the information packets.  We need Board Members that are available during the day for various meetings and common area reviews.   Community business involves a lot of meetings throughout the month and mostly during the day.  For example: 2/23 Executive Board Meeting 3:30-6pm, 2/23 Board Meeting 6-7:30pm, 2/28 Budget Meeting 1-3:30pm, 2/28 Finance Committee 3:30-5:30pm, 3/2 Executive Hearing 4:30-7:30pm, 3/8 Landscape Committee 9:30-11am, 3/8 Social Committee 3-4pm, 3/10 Executive Board Meeting 1-2:30pm, 3/17 Executive Board Meeting 11-12:30pm, 3/22 Architectural Committee 9-11am, 3/23 Executive Board Meeting 3:30-6, 7:30-8:30, 3/23 Board Meeting 6-7:30pm, 3/27 Finance Committee 10-12am, 3/28 AdHoc Committee 9-10am, etc.
ElsinoreRadio.Org  - How do you communicate when your cell phone and internet are down. Just like a phone tree, you rely on written word, notes, face-to-face encounters. Some may have FRS and GMRS radios for local communication. Others will have a FCC Amateur radio license from the FCC. But having a radio and a license is only part way there. You need to understand how to use it and what channels will be used during an emergency. The FCC gives us the ability to use 5 watt handheld radios and 50/75 watt mobile/base station radios. We typically operate on 2 meter and .70 meter bands. With these radios we can talk on simplex (point to point) with the Riverside EOCs on Lemon St and Riverwalk, as well as our local cities. The RACES south district is available to support the cities (Elsinore, Wildomar, Murrieta, and Temecula), the hospitals (Inland Valley, Rancho, Temecula Valley, and Loma Linda), the school districts (LEUSD, MVSD, TVUSD), and the water districts (EVMWD and Rancho).  Many of the radio operators are also members of ARES and some are tied directly into their local city. Go to for more information.
CERT - Community Emergency Response Team information is available on a separate page. Just click on the "CERT" link above.  At Fire Station 94 there is a CERT trailer and a FEMA shelter trailer. You may become the only trained support for our community. When fire, sheriff, ambulance personnel become short handed during a county wide emergency, the mutual aid concept becomes moot. Too many incidents and not enough resources. CERT training is free and available from the cities and is funded by a government grant. Check with the cities for further information
Wisdom: Children are supposed to dig out weeds ... that's why GOD made them closer to the ground.
Home values in our community could be improved if we pay attention to our streetscape view. In preparation for sale we spend time and money painting, remodeling and making our home look good. When a new buyer views the home, the homes in the neighborhood and the streets coming into the neighborhood will affect how the new buyer values the home for sale.  If the house sells for a good value, then the general trend of neighborhood house prices will increase. Higher comps also might give you a better loan-to-value ratio when refinancing you home.  Street trees, lawn maintenance, nice landscaping, fresh paint all makes for a nice neighborhood appearance. Some of our neighborhoods are now more than 10 years old and need some attention.

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